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Still Life With Crows

Author: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by: Kim Richards

Still Life With Crows CoverThe place is rural Kansas. A small town named Medicine Creek. Gruesome murders have begun and so have the rumors. Is it the work of Indian Ghost Warriors?  A curse laid long ago? Is this a serial murderer? Is it an outsider or someone who lives in Medicine Creek? Unusual tidbits bring out Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s most interesting hero, FBI Agent Pendergast.  You might remember him from these authors’ previous works like Cabinet of Curiosities.
This time he is paired with a local Goth girl as they investigate a rival town’s interest in seeing Medicine Creek fail to become the testing grounds for a nearby university’s genetically enhanced crops. Together they explore the many avenues of possibilities which take them through underground caverns and a closer look at the area’s legends. They discover the murderer’s identity but are surprised right along with the reader as to why the victims were killed in the ways they were.
This is an excellent book filled with intrigue, action and suspense. A great story to curl up with on a cold winter night.


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